Corey Parlamento, aka Livingdog, has a songwriting style that is best described as a mix of literature and cinema. When you listen to his music you are immediately brought in to a particular world that is both familiar and mysterious. His lyrics blend magical realism and narrative fiction to depict the modern mundane in a way that highlights the humor and beauty of the world around us. The composition and instrumentation of his songs pull from elements of indie rock, film scores, and American folk music. Parlamento currently resides in Asheville, NC. He has released two full length albums Childsurvivors and All This Beauty and one concept EP Scavenger Angels.

    In Parlamento's newest release, All This Beauty, he sets aside the stripped down isolated experimentation of 2016's Childsurvivors and embraces collaboration with an ensemble including horns and strings. He presents an expansive, cinematic sound without jeopardizing the humble sincerity of his songs. They range from sparse ballads like "Spirit Wander" to songs like "Rats and Crows" that feel more like the score to a sci-fi western. Parlamento’s vocals serve as a common thread, keeping the songs connected and grounded. His voice draws comparisons to singers like Chris Isaak and Elvis Perkins. Blending elements of dystopian fiction with personal narrative, Parlamento’s lyrics deal with the struggles of modern interpersonal connection, nature and simplicity, and the falling away of societal roles. All This Beauty displays Parlamento’s progression and skill as a songwriter and a composer.

    Since the release of All This Beauty, Parlamento has returned to more of a minimal and experimental approach to Livingdog. Performing solo and as a duo, Parlamento creates a powerful performance that is captivating and fully immersive and brings audiences an “honest and seductive setlist, driven by haunting, flawless vocals”. (Ali Marshall- The Mountain Xpress) . He will release a new single titled "Creation. Stagnation." on October 12th, 2018.